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11 IPS Students Complete Dual Credit Program

Eleven students from Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) were recently honored for completing the Martin University School of Education High School Dual Credit Program.

The students received their high school diploma and college credit in Early Childhood Education during ceremonies in May. Four of these students are registered to attend Martin in the Fall. This program allows high school students to simultaneously earn their high school diploma and college credits, putting them on a path to a bright future.

The partnership between Martin University and IPS provides students access to higher education when they may not have considered it an option otherwise. Research has shown that dual enrollment can lead to higher grades in high school and make students more likely to complete an undergraduate degree.

Since the Fall semester of 2022, 20 eleventh and twelfth-grade students who attend Grad Academy have earned 108 college and 36 high school credits while maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.41. Of the students graduating, 27%, or three, have committed to enrolling full-time at Martin University in the Fall to pursue their undergraduate degrees.

All the students surveyed said that had it not been for Grad Academy and Martin University, they would not have finished high school, let alone enrolled in college courses. These students inspire others to pursue their dreams and take advantage of the opportunities available to them through education.