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About Family Academy

The Indianapolis Public Schools Family Academy is a unique initiative designed to fortify the bond between home and school, thereby enhancing family engagement and enriching the academic journey for our students. Through a blend of in-person and virtual expert-led workshops, we provide a platform for the district families to access vital resources, gain awareness, and foster personal growth. The Family Academy extends beyond academic support, nurturing a sense of community and connection among families, schools, and the broader Indianapolis area. Our goals encompass:

  • Cultivating and Sustaining Relationships: Building a nurturing environment where relationships between families and schools thrive.
  • Providing Safe Spaces for Conversations: Creating forums for open discussions, sharing experiences, and addressing concerns.
  • Increasing Access to Information: Offering a hub of resources that empower families with the knowledge and tools necessary for supporting academic success.
  • Supporting School to Home Academics: Bridging the gap between classroom learning and at-home support to foster a seamless educational experience.

Through the Family Academy, we aspire to innovate engagement strategies, enriching the lives of our parents, caregivers, and guardians. Together, we strive to create a supportive ecosystem that propels every student towards success, fostering lifelong learning and community engagement.

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School Food Pantry Locations

Brookside School 54317.226.42543150 East 10th Street, 46201
Christian Park School 82317.226.42824700 English Avenue, 46201
Daniel Webster School 46317.226.42461450 South Reisner Street, 46221
Eleanor Skillen School 34317.226.42341410 Wade Street, 46203
Harshman Middle School317.226.41011501 East 10th Street, 46201
James Russell Lowell School 51317.226.42513426 Roosevelt Avenue, 46218
James Whitcomb Riley School 43317.226.4243150 West 40th Street, 46208
Rousseau McClellan School 91317.226.42915111 Evanston Avenue, 46205
* School based pantries are only for students/families registered at that school.

Martindale-Brightwood and Haughville Neighborhoods

Drive & Dish is a program funded by Coach Rick Carlisle and supported by the Pacer’s Foundation and the Division of Community Nutrition and Food Policy to provide nourishing fruits and vegetables to families in need in the pursuit of food equity. To register, please visit Drive & Dish’s service website.

Community Food Pantry Locations

mRelief SNAP Benefits Tool

Our Families

Choose your IPS

At Indianapolis Public Schools, we have excellent choices open to every student, in every school, in every neighborhood.

Thanks to our Rebuilding Stronger plan, families can choose from multiple educational models:

  • Dual Language
  • Exploratory
  • High Ability
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Innovation Network Schools
  • Montessori
  • Reggio-Inspired
  • STEM
  • Visual and Performing Arts

IPS Fast Facts:

  • 32+ high school career pathways
  • Advanced academic options at every high school
  • Pre-K and before & after school programs
  • Free breakfast and lunch
  • Free transportation
  • 100+ community partners
  • 30,000+ students, who are racially, economically and linguistically diverse

IPS has seen the fastest rates of student academic growth and recovery since 2020.

IPS School Options for the 2024–25 School Year

Remember, when applying to an IPS school for the 2024–25 school year, that the district will have moved to dedicated elementary and middle schools and new educational models. The district also offers a variety of innovation and high school options. Learn about these exciting choices and more below:

There are several ways to stay connected to district and school-based news, through:

School Messenger

Information from the district and individual schools is sent via SchoolMessenger — through calls, emails and text messages. Updating your information in PowerSchool automatically connects you to the call and email service. 

To sign up for School Messenger’s text service, click HERE.


Make sure to update your home address, telephone number and email address through your student’s PowerSchool account. Remember to update this information if and when these items change throughout the school year.

Additional PowerSchool Resources

Our Schools

Find information about programming, school supplies, staff listings, and more on each school’s website.

IPS Social Media Handles

Be sure to follow Indianapolis Public Schools at @IPSSchools on FacebookInstagram, and X.

Direct Managed Schools

SchoolSocial Media Handles
Adelante @ Emma Donnan School 72N/A
Anna Brochhausen School 88Facebook | X | Instagram
Arlington Middle SchoolFacebook | X | Instagram
Arsenal Technical High SchoolFacebook | X | Instagram
Avondale Meadows Middle SchoolFacebook | Twitter | Instagram
Benjamin Harrison School 2Facebook | X
Broad Ripple Middle SchoolFacebook | X | Instagram
Brookside School 54Facebook | X | Instagram
Carl Wilde School 79Facebook | X | Instagram
Charity Dye School 27Facebook | X
Charles Warren Fairbanks School 105Facebook | X | Instagram
Christel House Academy SouthFacebook | Twitter
Christel House Watanabe Manual High SchoolFacebook | Twitter
Christian Park School 82Facebook | X | Instagram
Clarence Farrington School 61Facebook | X | Instagram
Cold Spring SchoolFacebook | Twitter
Crispus Attucks High SchoolFacebook | X | Instagram
Daniel Webster School 46Facebook | X | Instagram
Edison School of the Arts 47Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Eleanor Skillen School 34Facebook | X
Eliza Blaker School 55Facebook | X | Instagram
Enlace AcademyN/A
Ernie Pyle School 90Facebook | X | Instagram
Frederick Douglass School 19Facebook | X | Instagram
George W. Julian School 57Facebook | X | Instagram
George Washington Carver School 87Facebook | X | Instagram
George Washington High SchoolFacebook | X | Instagram
Global Preparatory Academy @ Riverside 44N/A
H. L. Harshman Middle SchoolFacebook | X | Instagram
H. W. Longfellow Middle SchoolFacebook | X | Instagram
Herron High SchoolN/A
Herron Preparatory AcademyN/A
Hope Academy High SchoolFacebook | Twitter | Instagram
James A. Garfield School 31Facebook | X | Instagram
James Russell Lowell School 51Facebook | X | Instagram
James Whitcomb Riley School 43Facebook | X | Instagram
Jonathan Jennings School 109Facebook | X | Instagram
Joseph J. Bingham School 84Facebook | X | Instagram
KIPP Indy College Prep Middle SchoolN/A
KIPP Indy Legacy High SchoolN/A
KIPP Indy Unite Elementary SchoolN/A
Lew Wallace School 107Facebook | X | Instagram
Liberty Grove Schools @ Elder Diggs 42N/A
Mary Nicholson School 70Facebook | X | Instagram
Matchbook Learning @ Wendell Phillips School 63N/A
Meredith Nicholson School 96Facebook | X | Instagram
Merle Sidener Academy 59Facebook | X | Instagram
Monarca AcademyFacebook | Twitter | Instagram
Newcomer Program @ Northwest Middle SchoolFacebook | X | Instagram
Northwest Middle SchoolFacebook | X | Instagram
Paramount Online AcademyFacebook | Twitter | Instagram
Phalen Leadership Academy @ Francis Scott Key 103Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Phalen Leadership Academy @ George H. Fisher 93Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Phalen Leadership Academy @ Louis B Russell 48Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Phalen Virtual Leadership AcademyFacebook | Twitter | Instagram
Purdue Polytechnic High SchoolN/A
Purdue Polytechnic High School @ Broad RIppleN/A
Ralph Waldo Emerson School 58Facebook | X | Instagram
Riverside High SchoolN/A
Robert Lee Frost School 106Facebook | X | Instagram
Rousseau McClellan School 91Facebook | X | Instagram
Sankofa School of Success @ Arlington Woods 99Facebook | Instagram
Shortridge High SchoolFacebook | X | Instagram
Simon Youth Graduation Academy at Indianapolis Public SchoolsFacebook | X | Instagram
Step Ahead AcademyX
The PATH School @ Stephen Foster School 67Facebook | Instagram
Theodore Potter School 74Facebook | X | Instagram
Thomas Carr Howe Middle SchoolFacebook | X | Instagram
Thomas Gregg Neighborhood SchoolN/A
Washington Irving Neighborhood School 14N/A
William Bell School 60Facebook | X | Instagram
William McKinley School 39Facebook | X | Instagram
William Penn Middle School 49Facebook | X | Instagram

Department & Athletics

Important Dates for the Upcoming School Year

To stay on top of important dates for the school year, including the first day of school, holidays, Parents in Touch Day and more, check out the district’s school year calendar HERE.

Let’sTalk Contact Us

Have questions or would like to share a concern? Please drop us a line using the form below and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly. You may also contact us 317.226.4000 and a member of our friendly Service-Center will help guide you in the right direction.

IPS recognizes the link between student health and academic achievement. For our IPS students to be successful, they must be healthy and ready to learn. Health services and school nurses are an integral part of the IPS school community, ensuring the health and safety of students and staff. Additionally, we understand the health needs of students today have increased in scope and complexity. Providing health services at our school campuses is essential to ensuring IPS students can flourish in and out of the classroom. 

IPS provides a variety of health service models to ensure school campuses have access to full-time healthcare staffing. The programs and related services are run through our Unified Student Supports (USS), Health Services department and overseen by the district’s Director of Health Services.

District Immunization Clinics


Immunizations, Forms & Resources

Citizens who voluntarily contribute their time and talents to the improvement and enrichment of the Indianapolis Public Schools and its students make a significant contribution to student success. We encourage the constructive participation of groups and individuals in our schools to perform appropriate tasks during and after school hours under the direction and supervision of professional personnel. The recruitment, utilization, coordination and training of volunteers is the responsibility of the schools.

All potential volunteers must complete and Online Volunteer Application by registering for an AfterschoolHQ login(at no cost to the volunteer.) That registration information is available by clicking here –

Para un formulario en español, haga clic en el enlace y luego en el botón de idioma en la parte superior derecha de la página web

Pou yon fòm Kreyol Ayisyen, tanpri klike sou lyen an epi klike sou bouton lang ki nan pati anlè adwat paj wèb la

Teacher education students who are applying to complete their clinical experience hours in IPS schools should CLICK HERE and select their respective college/university or other Transition to Teaching program and apply using their student email address. (Teacher education students should not click the link above to select a specific school.)

Next Steps

Human Resources will obtain the criminal history background check for potential volunteers (except underage applicants). Upon of the review of the criminal history, a decision will be made to approve or deny the volunteer for participation. A notification will be sent to the schools for which you are looking to volunteer.

Indianapolis Public Schools believes positive and safe schools support student achievement and high levels of teaching. The Student Code of Conduct sets the standards for student and adult behavior. It outlines rights, responsibilities and consequences for inappropriate behavior.

The Student Code of Conduct (SCC) is important for all members of the school community to read and understand. When all partners know, understand and follow the SCC, they help ensure schools are respectful and productive places for all students to learn at high levels.

The SCC applies to students at all times during the school day, while on school property (including before and after school programs), while traveling to and from school (including bus stops), at any school-related event and when students use the district’s electronic network services.

Student Code of Conduct Documents

Girl working with robot arm

IPS Digital Strategy Department enables transformational teaching, learning and business for a diverse community and builds high-quality learning and business environments that are safe, secure and accessible at any time and in any place. 

We provide students with the latest 21st century, cutting edge technology tools for academic excellence. Students have access to 1:1 technology, computer labs and digital resources for learning. Technology in education enhances the learning experience, allowing students to be self-directed and teachers to personalize lessons to the needs of each unique child. Whether used individually or in small group learning, our students have access to valuable tools and information that makes learning more engaging and effective.

All adults and students in IPS are continuing to grow understanding of digital citizenship and skill around effective use of technology as IPS maintains our transformation to a 1:1 digital learning environment across all IPS schools. There are high-quality, vetted, digital citizenship resources for families to help families navigate the ups and downs of raising kids in the digital age located here on Common Sense Education’s Family Engagement Resources.  

Key web-based IPS resources for students and families: 


District Calendar


Printable Calendars and Notices

Indianapolis Public Schools is a district committed to racial equity in both mindset and action.  As such, students and their parents/guardians hold the primary responsibility in determining a student’s personal attire, hairstyle, jewelry, and personal items (e.g. backpacks, book bags). Schools are responsible for ensuring that student attire, hairstyle, jewelry, and personal items do not interfere with the health or safety of any student and do not contribute to a hostile or intimidating environment for any student.

Core Values

In relation to student dress, the district’s core values include the following:

  • Students should be able to dress and style their hair for school in a manner that expresses their individuality without fear of unnecessary discipline or body shaming;
  • Students have the right to be treated equitably. Dress code enforcement will not create disparities, reinforce or increase marginalization of any group, nor will it be more strictly enforced against students because of racial identity, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, gender nonconformity, sexual orientation, cultural or religious identity, household income, body size/type, or body maturity;
  • Students and staff are responsible for managing their own personal distractions; and
  • Students should not face unnecessary barriers to school or classroom attendance. 

Universal Dress Code

Students must wear:

  • Top (shirts with sleeves that cover the midriff, blouse, sweater, sweatshirt, hoodies, etc.);
  • Bottom (pants, shorts, skirt, dress, etc. must be free of tears or holes and should be fingertip length)
  • Footwear (closed toe shoes only)

Students can wear:

  • Head coverings for religious purposes
    • The exceptions are bonnets, durags, hats inside the building, wave caps, and similar items.


This policy permits additional student attire requirements when necessary to ensure safety in certain academic settings (e.g. physical education, science or CTE courses). Additionally, this policy allows for reasonable variation in required student attire for participation in activities such as swimming or gymnastics. Attire worn in observance of a student’s religion is not subject to this policy.

Students may not wear clothing, jewelry, or personal items that:

  • Are pornographic, contain threats, or that promote illegal or violent conduct such as the use of weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or drug paraphernalia;
  • Demonstrate hate group association/affiliation and/or use hate speech targeting groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, or other protected groups;
  • Intentionally show private parts (nipples, genitals, buttocks). Clothing must cover private parts in opaque (not able to be seen-through) material; ensure that all undergarments are hidden from view.
  • Cover the student’s face to the extent that the student is not identifiable (except clothing/headgear worn for a religious or medical purpose); or
  • Demonstrate gang association/affiliation.


Principals are required to ensure that all staff are aware of and understand the guidelines of this policy. Staff will use reasonable efforts to avoid dress-coding students in front of other students.

Students shall not be disciplined or removed from class as a consequence for wearing attire in violation of this policy unless the attire creates a substantial disruption to the educational environment, poses a hazard to the health or safety of others, or factors into a student behavior rule violation such as malicious harassment or the prohibition on harassment, intimidation, and bullying. Further, no student shall be suspended from school or be referred to as “a distraction” due to their appearance or attire.

Typical consequences for a violation of this policy include:

  • Dress code violations are not Out of School Suspension offenses
  • 1st offense: parent/guardian contact and the directive to cover, change, or remove the non-complying attire
  • 2nd offense: parent phone call and directive to change 
  • 3rd offense: required parent/student restorative conference
  • The Principal or their designee should notify a student’s parent/guardian of the school’s response to violations of the student dress policy

The Superintendent or her designee is authorized to develop procedures in order to implement this policy as needed, including training for administration and staff.  School staff will receive training on the equitable enforcement of the dress code, ensuring consistency and respect for student diversity.

IPS currently does not collect textbook fees based off of additional funding from the state of Indiana. This does not affect the collection of fees from previous school years. Payments can be made online using MySchoolBucks.

Previous School Year Rates