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Fang, Shumin



Dear families, my name is Shumin Fang

I was born and grew up in south China. I immigrated to United States on 2013, and started my internship at Indianapolis City Mayor’s office with my International Business degree. During my internship, I was in charge of establishing partnership between Indy public schools and schools in Hangzhou, China. Therefrom, I found great passion in educational field, and got my master’s degree in secondary education from Indiana University.

I joined team IPS as a k-8 Chinese teacher on 2014 and have been working at CFI2 ever since. In my role as IB Mandarin teacher at CFI2, I teach a wide variety of content and skills in Mandarin. I design Chinese language curriculum based on IB program, and built the partnership between IPS schools and schools in China.

I also served as the president of Chinese Teachers Association of Indiana to promote foreign language programs at Indiana schools.

In my spare time, I like dancing, drawing, cooking, reading and travelling.

I believe learning a second language will expand one’s point of view. I look forwards to helping my students to be a productive contributor in the modern global marketplace.