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Draa, Daphne

Ms. Daphne Draa, FIRST GRADE


 My journey at CFI began in 2000 when CFI #2 opened at this New Jersey Avenue location.  I love teaching at CFI. We enjoy making connections with a wide range of concepts and developing an international mindset. In my time at CFI I have served many roles: art teacher, design teacher, project coordinator, and now, 1st grade teacher! Beyond my roles at CFI, I also work for the IBO as a teacher leader. I lead workshops, consult, and help evaluate schools for authorization.
As much as I love teaching, I also love to learn.  When we are not in school, I enjoy taking on new challenges, learning new skills and traveling.  I especially love the outdoors (camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing) and creative play (a different way of saying ‘making art’-same process, just no pressure of an outcome).