Back to School

As we transition into all Remote learning, beginning November 23, students and parents can expect the following adjustments:


IPS made an initial investment of resources to purchase iPads/Chromebooks to ensure all students have a device. The district has also invested in MiFi mobile hotspot devices as a short-term solution to address internet access for students. 

Any questions regarding device needs should be directed to your child’s school.


  • Check your school’s website for individual bell times.
  • Remote learning students will continue to access their class via Microsoft Teams and utilize Clever and Schoology similar to the current full-time remote learning instruction. 
  • Remote learning students may also be placed in groups or with students who are attending in-person and may experience more asynchronous learning activities.
  • Schools ensure that necessary therapeutic services required by a student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Individual Learning Plan (ILP) will be provided. 
  • Remote learning student attendance will be taken daily – or every period (MS/HS) – by the student’s teacher. Teacher(s) will verify student attendance by the student’s presence on Microsoft Teams daily.


Grading expectations for online students and recommended grading expectations for all schools will be given to building principals prior to the start of the school year.


  • IPS Learning Hubs and Student Support Networks.
  • In-Person Related Services:
    • Some related services difficult or impossible to facilitate in a virtual setting may be administered, on-site at an IPS facility (i.e. evaluations, occupational therapies, physical therapies, etc.).
    • Teachers of record or service providers will work with students on a case by case basis to determine a) when a service should be facilitated in person, b) if the parent/student is interested in taking advantage of the in-person option, c) the time and location of the in-person service, and d) the frequency by which the service should occur.


We recognize the importance of providing students and staff with extra social and emotional support as they return to school this year. Expect to see special welcome activities, extra time for building relationships and establishing new routines, and focus on coping strategies. 

Our counselors, social workers and psychologists will be ready to assist students and staff in need of support. Additionally, school-based mental health professionals through Community Health Network will be available. We’ll be sharing additional resources throughout the year.


Schools may implement additional blocks of time for intervention, tutoring and remediation. These sessions can be held virtually and all students can attend. Lessons may be stretched to accommodate the pre-teaching of prerequisite skills/concepts.

Our pacing guides have been revised to spiral standards from last year while still ensuring students access new grade-level content.


We are continuing to deepen teacher expertise in both technology tools and blended learning models through professional development modules. Teachers will continue to utilize the evidence based instructional practices that were outlined before school started and have observed in our current remote learning context.

Additionally, we have made commitments to ensure the experience is still a quality experience for our students:

  • Curriculum: Students at home will be able to access the same curriculum as their in-person peers* (excludes students in CTE courses). 
  • Teachers: Students in all grades will stay connected to their home schools by receiving instruction from the teachers in their home school.

Sample Pre-K–12 Student Schedules:

Below are samples of what the instructional schedule may look like by grade level. Final schedules will be determined by your child’s school. 

  • Hybrid Model
    • Some students attend class in person, while others join remotely, rotating back and forth (some students will opt for full-time remote). 
  • Concurrent Classroom
    • Homeroom or Teacher of Record is responsible for instructing students in person and remotely at the same time 
  • Blended Learning Models
    • Flipped classroom, station rotation and/or playlist 
  • Quarantine Learning 
    • When a student/teacher has tested positive for COVID-19 or a student/ teacher has to quarantine due to positive COVID-19 exposure

  • *7-12th grade students, rotate by alpha last name depending the individual school needs:
    • Monday and Tuesday
      • Last names A-K will attend in person (exceptions for siblings in the same household with different last names)
      • Last names L-Z will follow schedule/watch classes remote 
    • Wednesday
      • Is a remote learning day for all students
    • Thursday and Friday
      • Last names L-Z will attend in person (exceptions for siblings in the same household with different last names)
      • Last names A-K will follow schedule/watch classes remote

*The hybrid model will also apply to 6th grade students if they operate on a traditional middle school schedule and change classes each period.

Additional Considerations:

  • Pre-K–6
    • Students who opt for in-person learning will attend in person every day (Monday–Friday)
    • 6th grade students who follow a traditional middle school schedule and change classes each period will follow the middle/high school hybrid model  
  • CTE
    • High school students in the CTE program will do their practicum during their regularly scheduled CTE block when they attend in person on either Mon/Tues or Thur/Fri
    • HS students who opt out of in-person instruction will not be able to do the CTE lab portion. 


  • The sixth graders at the school listed as hybrid will follow a hybrid schedule by last name in the same manner as the 7/8 graders. 
  • The sixth graders at the schools listed as normal PK6/ K6 will follow a full time schedule on normal hours in the same manner as PK-5 students.

    See breakdown of schools here.

PK5 & Elementary Style 6th GradeMiddle-school style 6th grade + 7-12
Students who choose full-time remote learningSynchronously attend direct instruction, then independent work time – or about 20-30 minutes of video time per subject per day. OR Your school will communicate an alternative plan to you.Synchronously attend direct instruction, then independent work time — or about 20-30 minutes of video time per subject per day. Attend school virtually on Wed. 
Students who choose in-person learningAttend school in-person full time Monday—Friday.Attend school in-person on M/T or Th/Friday, depending on your last name. Everyone attends school virtually on Wednesdays. 

In-person studentsRemote students
8:20- 8:30Students enter class and engage in do-now Teacher takes attendanceStudents complete do now remotely Teacher takes virtual attendance
8:30- 8:55Students engage in direct instruction in-person on white board or projectorStudents engage in direct instruction by watching in remotely through white board or projector
8:55- 9:35Students engage in in-person station learningStudents complete their stationed activities in remote groups on TEAMS
9:35- 9:40Students do exit ticket in Schoology group Students do exit ticket in Schoology group