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NBA Players Spend Their Day at Attucks at Shooting for Peace Program

Students at Crispus Attucks had plenty of surprises during NBA All-Star weekend. One of those surprises came right to their doorstep as many NBA players made their way to the historic high school.

Many retired players such as Eddie Gill, Sam Perkins, Jerome “Junkyard Dog” Williams, Metta World-Peace, & others spent their hit our classrooms for invaluable discussion.

A poetry contest in the auditorium that saw scholarships awarded, followed by a panel discussion, & ended in the gym with a players vs students/facility game.

The entire school was buzzing as our students were attentive, respectful, & energetic as the exciting school day moved along.

The gym was electric as our student-athletes & teachers got the chance to share the court with legendary NBA players in a fun game.

A day most of our students said they would never forget, & makes me grateful that they attend a school where this was possible!

Our gallery from the incredible day at Attucks is below: