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IPS Student-Athletes Prep for College at NCAA Symposium

An incredible week & opportunity for our student-athletes as they spent the day at the NCAA Headquarters gaining valuable knowledge that will prepare them for sports at the collegiate level.

NCAA personnel walked out students through what is required of them, & importantly stressed the seriousness of their academics. Without taking care of their business in the classroom, their play will be harder to recognize.

On the edge of their seats for most of the presentation, our students were made aware of this, & the transition from high school to college. They also got an understanding about how important fit is when choosing a college.

Ultimately, the awesome people at the NCAA, made it known that the journey from high school to college is truly your own. Everybody has a different path & your path is what you make of it.

As they walked away, our student-athletes, had a heightened level of inspiration & determination.

They also know their path to the college field or court, starts in an IPS classroom.