IPS Athletics & NJTL Summer Tennis Camp in Full Swing

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With summer in full swing, the rackets have followed suit at Arsenal Tech High School for the IPS Athletics, & NJTL (National Junior Tennis & Learning of Indianapolis) Summer Tennis Camp. The camp aims towards teaching students the basics of the game, while providing them the resources & opportunity to get a real feel for the sport.

IPS Athletics has partnered with the National Junior Tennis & Learning of Indianapolis in creating this summer camp. The camp itself was created as an expansion of the fall tennis league IPS Athletics offers for all students in grades K-8. For four days a week (Monday – Thursday), students have been learning the basics of tennis, playing in real games with all resources provided, and having fun discovering a new passion.

With three & a half weeks in the books, Shortridge Head Tennis Coach John Keele, was extremely proud of the progress the students have shown. With most never touching a tennis court before this camp, the students now have a full grasp for the in & outs of the game, while improving in all aspects on the court.

With all IPS students welcome, there is still an opportunity for others to join in the fun, & learn a new skill as hit the second part of summer vacation.

Thank you once again to the NJTL & everyone involved in making this wonderful camp a success!