IPS Elementary School Sports

IPS elementary level sports are designed to help teach our youngest student athletes the fundamentals of sports while focusing on their social, emotional and academic development. Recently the number of sports that the IPS district offers at the elementary level has increased along with the inclusion of the kindergarten through third grade students.


Each of the following sports are offered by IPS Athletics to all IPS elementary schools. If you would like to inquire about which of these sports are offered at your student’s particular school, please reference the table at the bottom of this page and reach out to the school’s designated Athletic Coordinator.

Elementary School Developmental Leagues

Below are the elementary sports offered for the fall, winter and spring and the available schedules for each sport.

Mon. 8/8/2022 to Sat. 10/8/2022
First Potential Contest: 8/27/2022
Contest days: Saturdays
Boys Basketball
Mon. 10/17/2022 to Sat. 12/17/2022
First Potential Contest: 10/26/2022
Contest Days: M/W/Sa or T/Th/S
Flag Football
Mon. 3/13/2023 to Sat. 5/20/2023
First Potential Contest: 4/15/23
Contest Days: Saturdays
Mon. 8/8/2022 to Sat. 10/8/2022
First Potential Contest: 8/27/2022
Contest days: Saturdays
Mon. 1/9/2023 to Sat. 3/11/2023
First Potential Contest: 1/23/2023
Contest Days: Saturdays
Mon. 3/13/2023 to Sat. 5/20/2023
First Potential Contest: 4/12/23
Contest Days: Wednesdays and/or Saturdays
Mon. 8/8/2022 to Sat. 10/8/2022
First Potential Contest: 8/20/2022
Contest Days: Saturdays
Girls Basketball
Mon. 1/9/2023 to Sat. 3/11/2023
First Potential Contest: 1/23/2023
Contest Days: M/W/Sa or T/Th/S
Track & Field
Mon. 3/13/2023 to Sat. 5/20/2023
First Potential Contest: 4/11/23
Contest Days: Tuesdays or Thursdays
(City Championship will be held on 5/13 or 5/20)
Mon. 8/8/2022 to Sat. 10/8/2022
First Potential Contest: 8/17/2022
Contest Days: M/W/Sa or T/Th/S

Elementary League Schedules

IPS K-8 Athletic Coordinator List 

(Updated 6/14/22)

School NameAthletic Coord. NameE-Mail Address
Anna Brochhausen 88Jacob WindsorWindsoJD@myips.org
ArlingtonStanley FergusonFergusoS@myips.org
Arlington Woods 99Josh Willisjwillis@sankofaschool.org
Avondale Meadows cwesterhaus@avondalemeadowsms.org
Brookside 54Keith Thackerthackerk@myips.org
Butler Lab @ Eliza Blaker 55Dominique Williams; Madison Stefanskiwillidn@myips.org;
Butler Lab @ William Bell 60Aliyah Washingtonwashingtonaliyah@myips.org
Carl Wilde 79 Shasta Gatesgatess@myips.org
Center for Inquiry 2Jordan Leonardleonardj@myips.org
Center for Inquiry 27Corey McClendonmcclendc@myips.org
Center for Inquiry 70Celese Gardnergardnercl@myips.org
Center for Inquiry 84Matthew Kramerkramerm@myips.org
Charles Fairbanks 105Tiffany M. Parkerparkertm@myips.org
Christel HouseRobert Orkmanrorkman@chschools.org
Christian Park 82Principal Paul Wirth; Brett Beaverswirthpm@myips.org; con723bb@myips.org
Clarence Farrington 61Terry Mooremooret@myips.org
Cold Spring 315David Pettypettydm@myips.org
Daniel Webster 46Eric JohnsonJohnsoEM@myips.org
Edison School of Arts 47Matthew Charnstromcharnsmw@myips.org
Eleanor Skillen 34Joseph Ranalloranalloj@myips.org
Emma Donnan yshehadeh@adelanteschools.org 
Enlace AcademyDominique Wilsondwilson@enlaceacademy.org
Ernie Pyle 90Antrawn WilburnWilburnA@myips.org
Floro Torrence 83Latasha Youngyoungl@myips.org
Francis W. Parker 56Dirk Ratcliffratcliffd@myips.org; robertst@myips.org
George Buck 94Yvonne Cannon-HollinsCannonY@myips.org
George W Carver 87James Gorskigorskij@myips.org
George W. Julian 57Andrew Bartolaccibartolaj@myips.org
Global Prep @ Riverside 44Garrett Guffingguffin@globalprepindy.org
HarshmanJ.R. Nolannolanw@myips.org
Ignite Achievement Academy @ Elder Diggs 42Keith Rogerskrogers@igniteindy.org; nmiller@igniteindy.org
Irvington PrepTeddy Rogerstrogers@ics-charter.org
James A. Garfield 31John Murphymurphyjp@myips.org
James R Lowell 51Joyce Bralock; Jessica BarnesBoyntonJ@myips.org; barnesj@myips.org
James W. Riley 43Rhonda Berryhill; Donavan Avanceberryhillr@myips.org; avanced@myips.org
Jonathan Jennings 109Caitlin Simpsonsimpsoc@myips.org; WishartR@myips.org
Kindezi Academy @ Joyce Kilmer 69Raphael Bolden; Riley Carterrbolden@kindeziacademy.org; rcarter@kindeziacademy.org
Lew Wallace 107Christina Brockbrockc@myips.org
LongfellowKevin Jeffersonjeffersonk@myips.org
Louis B. Russell 48  
Meredith Nicholson 96Christopher Pylepylec@myips.org
MTI School of KnowledgeMartin Kennethmartin.kenneth@isimti.org
NorthwestMoshfilay Andersonmcclainm@myips.org
Paul Miller 114Dana Williams; Donovan KinneywilliaDA@myips.org; kinney.donovan@yahoo.com
Phalen @ George Fisher 93Jeff Hendricksjhendricks@phalenacademies.org
Phalen @ Francis S. Key 103Matt Rimermrimer@phalenacademies.org
Phalen Middle SchoolDeAndre Brockdbrock@phalenacademies.org
Ralph Waldo Emerson 58Michael Elderelderm@myips.org
Raymond Brandes 65Devonna Carlislecarlisld@myips.org
Robert Lee Frost 106Annie Bishopbishopan@myips.org
Rousseau McClellan 91Becky Pfaffenbergerpfaffenr@myips.org
Sidener Academy 59Casey L. McNealymcnealyc@myips.org; hernandezchristopher@myips.org
Stephen Foster 67   
SUPER School 19Tiffany Johnson*johnsontn@myips.org
Thomas Gregg 15Shane Evansshane@thomasgregg.org
TindleyMarcel Bondsbonds@tindley.org
Urban ACT @ Washington Irving 14  
Vanguard CollegiateAbe Tawfeekitawfeek@vcindy.org
William McKinley 39Timothy Frederickfrederte@myips.org
William Penn 49Aaron Headybellamybellamya@myips.org