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Trailblazers Program


The IPS Athletics’ Trailblazers program was piloted in 2019 and is a select team program that allows high level middle school student athletes from the IPS district to participate on team with other students from across the district. Trailblazers’ team members compete in various leagues and tournaments in central Indiana. 



For more information on the Trailblazers program, contact us at, or Josh Varno at

Girls Volleyball Tryouts


Boys Basketball Tryouts


Girls Basketball Tryouts



If I’m unable to pay the Trailblazers team fee, how do I get a scholarship?

How are teams decided for each sport?

  • There will be a tryout and the coaches will assess student-athletes current and potential skills for the sport.  Attitude and team needs are also considered.

What if my child can’t attend all tryout dates?

  • Ideally, we want all potential Trailblazers to attend each tryout date.  If there is a conflict with any of the dates reach out to Josh Varno at so we can work out an alternative plan.

Can my child play for the Trailblazers and still do a sport for their school team?

  • Yes!  We strongly encourage multi-sport athletes.  We just ask for early communication on any potential conflicts.

How long is the volleyball season?

  • Tryouts will take place in October once the IPS school season wraps up.  There will be two to three practices a week in November and December (avoiding holidays).  Practices will start up again in January after the Winter break.  Starting in February we generally have two tournaments each month until we wrap up late April/early May

What is the age range and how many teams will there be for Trailblazers volleyball?

  • The age range is 11-14.
  • We currently plan to have two 14U, two 13U, and one 12U team.  That combination may change based on the tryout numbers and level of skill.

Where will practices for Trailblazers Volleyball be held?

  • As of right now, we plan to hold all volleyball practices at Broad Ripple HS. At times due to scheduling conflicts, practices may get moved to Shortridge or Attucks HS

How long is the girls basketball season?

  • Answer coming soon.

How long is the boys basketball season?

  • Answer coming soon.

How long is the coed track season?

  • Answer coming soon.

How far away are the tournaments?

  • We generally only play in tournaments that are in the Indianapolis area.  We sometimes have to travel to Muncie, Ft. Wayne, etc., but we never play anywhere that requires an overnight stay.

Is Transportation provided?

  • No transportation is provided for practices.  Generally, since tournaments are in the Indianapolis area, we do not provide transportation for invitationals.  Setting up a carpool network is always an option.

Do we have to purchase uniforms?

  • Uniforms are provided by IPS Athletics.  Families are expected to maintain the condition of the uniforms throughout the season and return the uniform once the Trailblazers year wraps up.

Can I make a donation to the Trailblazers program?

How can I get involved with my child’s team?

  • Thank you for your interest in helping our program.  Reach out to Josh Varno at and he’ll work with the coaching staff to see how you can get involved.  We’re always looking for help in coordinating things like snacks/drinks for the tournaments.