Arsenal Tech School Opening FAQ

Dear ATHS Families:

   During these unprecedented times, we are approaching the upcoming school year with a prioritization of health and safety, and a  commitment to facilitating high-quality academic curricula for our Titan scholars, regardless of whether they are attending in-person or virtually. 

As you think through the choice your family will make between in-person and remote learning, we want to provide answers to frequently asked questions. We hope these will help you make a more informed decision that is best for your family. 

If you have additional questions, please submit them here.

We know this: physical school will not return to the “normal” of the past for quite some time. Learning, inquiry, and career exploration will continue to evolve as we provide our scholars with the best possible curricula to continue the robust academic programming that we offer at ATHS.

The IPS link to remote learning is located here. Additional IPS guidance can be found here.

We are excited to help your child learn in-person or remotely!

Will masks be required in-person? Yes.

Is there a cap on remote learning students? No. 

What learning management system will students use? We will use Schoology as our primary online platform both when on campus, and when engaging in virtual instruction. Grades (quarter and term) still will be available through PowerSchool.

Will the remote learning have content specific lectures from instructors or just assignments kids have to figure out on their own?  Remote learning will be a combination of many forms of teaching and learning. Depending on the teacher and subject, it might include any of the following (but is not limited to any of the following): video lectures, online discussion boards, collaborative annotations of texts, breakout discussions of math problems. Some learning will be driven by student-based inquiry where we might want kids to figure it out on their own, and some might be more specific guided learning. There will be a continuum – like there should be.

Will the in-person and remote learning be different? The curriculum is very similar, whether remote or face-to-face.​

What will teaching and learning look like? A large amount of inquiry and collaboration happen online, even if students are physically in the classroom. 

Who will teach remote learning?ATHS teachers.

Who will teach in person learning? ATHS teachers. 

What will in-person learning look like? This will be the same curriculum as remote learning, but with face-to-face components. Desks will be spread out to maximize social distancing. All desks will face the same direction. There will not be collaborative desks. There will be minimal movement within the classroom. 

How will work be turned in? All work will be turned in electronically. Exceptions will happen for artwork and other creative products.

Will there be physical education classes in the fall? Yes. Students will not use locker rooms and activities will primarily be outside.

Will students have lockers? No. We will reconsider for Spring 2020.

Will students have textbooks? More information to access forthcoming. 

What will physical spaces or transitions look like? Locker rooms and individual practice rooms will not be used by any students. Stairwells and hallways will be one way. All classrooms will use seating charts for contact tracing purposes. 

What will lunch look like? We will have at least four lunch periods. Social distancing will be enforced. Pre-packaged lunches will eliminate time spent in lunch lines and minimize contact during the process.

What will food delivery look like? Meal distribution will take place in cafeterias due to food safety and staffing. Staff will continue to follow rigorous cleaning and sanitizing practices, including sanitizing serving line tray slides, milk boxes and cash stands in between classes or periods. Menu choices will be reduced to expedite meal service time. Vegetable/salad bars will be discontinued/converted to packaged items. Students should not share food. All meals and utensils will be individually wrapped/packaged

What will breakfast look like? Very similar to lunch processes and protocols. Pre-packaged selections and enforced social distancing. 

What will cleaning look like? Teachers and students will clean desk surfaces each block. The custodial staff will be cleaning common spaces and shared spaces (i.e restrooms) hourly.

If we choose this fully-remote option, can my student participate in athletics? All students can participate regardless of home learning status.

When can I switch to remote learning? At this time, If you choose remote learning, per IPS guidance, you are making that decision for the fall semester. 

What happens if someone at school has COViD-19 symptoms? We have a COVID Task Team working on this as part of our planning process. We have designated isolated areas to house students who’ve been identified as having COVID-19 symptoms. These areas are separate from the school clinic.

In cases when it has been determined that students are required to exit the school based on identified COVID-19 symptoms, a parent/guardian must be called and that parent/guardian is expected to pick up the student within one hour. If a parents/guardian is unable to be reached, or has not arrived within an hour, the emergency contact(s) will be called to pick up that student. The observations from the health screening will be provided to the parent/guardian or emergency contact upon arrival. 

We will immediately alert the District COVID Response Team to begin reporting, tracing, and testing protocols and next steps with MCHD. 

We will communicate any positive test result where appropriate that does not infringe upon any student’s right to medical privacy. More information about student privacy can be found here.

Who is allowed into the building?  IPS is restricting all school nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities involving external groups. This policy will be in place at least throughout fall 2020. More info on this can be found here.

Why is there no hybrid option? IPS made this decision. More information can be found here.

We are choosing remote learning. Do we still need to complete the ATHS registration document? Yes. All families need to complete registration on the linked  page below:

When will bus transportation be available? Bus transportation information will be active in PowerSchool —

How often will masks breaks be given and where will these breaks occur? We think this depends on the class and grade of the student. 

Will passing periods be staggered to minimize traffic in the hallways? To the best of our ability, yes; we are still working through the logistics of this. 

Will elective courses still be offered? Yes. 

What will be done to ensure that students are actually following social distancing and safety guidelines? When we treat students as adults, they learn to respond like adults. We think the Marion County mask policy has helped normalize masks for everyone, but especially children who look up to adults (even when they don’t think they are, or want to.) Every adult will be wearing a mask. We think it will be easy for students to follow suit.