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Innovation News: Letter to Parents

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Greetings Arlington Woods’ Parents & Guardians! As a staff we want our students to have strong character, be well-rounded, and have a global perspective. With that in mind, we are becoming an Innovation school next year. We will utilize the Sankofa School of Success school model to create an environment that is safe, nurturing and seeks […]

Welcome Families

We are privileged to welcome your child to our school. It is our goal to provide each child with a safe and loving environment so they can learn and mature appropriately.

We look forward to a year full of new friendships, energizing challenges, strong relationships, great successes, positive choices, and increased learning. Our staff is excited about the great things happening in our building.

Arlington Woods Staff

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Saludos Padres y Guardianes,

Gracias por estar apoyando el aprendizaje de su hijo/a desde sus casas durante estos tiempos de incertidumbre en nuestra nación. Como usted sabe su hijo/a estará participando en el aprendizaje en casa durante el mes de abril.

Los estudiantes recibirán por correo postal paquetes con material educativo para completarlos en su casa los días martes, miércoles y jueves. Si no recibe los paquetes de material educativo de su hijo/a por correo antes del 8 de abril por favor contacte al director de su escuela para saber como obtenerlos.

Nuestro horario de aprendizaje en casa es el siguiente:
Jueves, Abril 9
Viernes, Abril 10
Martes - Jueves, Abril 14 - 16
Martes - Jueves, Abril 21 - 23
Martes - Jueves, Abril 28 - 30

Para asegurar que su hijo/a tenga apoyo para completar su trabajo en casa, nuestros maestros tendrán horas de oficina los días martes, miércoles y jueves desde las 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM and then again at 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM. Además los maestros publicaran videos explicando como completar los paquetes de material educativo usando Class Dojo. Continuaremos brindando información específica sobre los recursos en línea durante el mes de abril. El maestro de su hijo/a lo mantendrá informado de las oportunidades que existen.


Principal Henderson

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Greetings Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for supporting your child’s learning from home during these unprecedented times in our nation. As you are aware your child will be participating in home learning during the month of April. Students will receive packets of educational materials via US Mail to complete at home. If you do not receive your child’s Home Learning packet by mail by April 8th, please reach out to me to determine how to obtain the resources. I can be reached by email at or by phone 317-750-6034.

Our Home Learning Schedule is below:
Thursday, April 9th
Friday, April 10th
Tuesday - Thursday, April 14 through April 16th
Tuesday - Thursday, April 21 through April 23rd
Tuesday - Thursday, April 28th through April 30th

In order to ensure that your child has support in completing his/her work from home, our teachers will have office hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM and then again at 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM. In addition, teachers will be posting videos explaining the home learning packets using Class Dojo. We will continue to provide specific information regarding home learning online resources throughout the month of April. Your child’s teacher will keep you informed of the opportunities that exist.

We love you! We miss you!


Principal Henderson

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IPS Parents/Guardians: Take the Student Technology & Accessibility Survey to let us know what your student has access to during the district’s closure due to COVID-19.


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