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About Us

Students at Anna Brochhausen will participate in a curriculum designed to introduce them to the necessary skills needed to prepare them for high school. Learning activities will be engaging, student centered and relevant to the requirements of the community and society for which they will become citizens. Students will participate in self-discovery exercises to become more responsible for their own learning.


A no-nonsense, consistent discipline piece is essential for fostering a safe, structured school environment. No one child has the right to stop the learning of others. A team deals with any discipline concerns swiftly as those students who are prepared to learn are afforded the maximum number of teachable minutes daily.

Parent Communication

A detailed weekly progress report keeps our parents informed of their child’s academic achievement and any concerns, while holding our students accountable. This report notes the scores on weekly assessments, daily behavior/effort grades, as well as the averaged grades in every subject.


Weekly cumulative assessments provide the barometer for personalized instruction. Constant data gives immediate feedback regarding skill mastery and areas of concern. With testing cumulatively, retention of material is simplified. Our assessments are designed to increase the rigor as a concept is repeatedly tested, requiring students to think and apply prior knowledge.


Key to finding academic achievement from this rigorous curriculum is the belief that success, effort, and improvement should be rewarded well and often. It is this continual recognition that holds children accountable and seeking academic growth.