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IPS Police Department

About Us

Organized in 1970, the Indianapolis Public Schools Police Department consisted of 40 unarmed security guards and was titled IPS Security. In 1997, the department transitioned to the employment and training of sworn, armed police officers. Today, the department consists of 46 staff members, including officers, investigators, sergeants, dispatchers, and the police chief and captain.

Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the IPS Police Department serves more than 31,000 students and families throughout the district. Officers in these schools and neighborhoods serve as school resource officers, committed to providing support to all IPS properties, students, staff and families. Officers seek to create positive interactions and build relationships across our community through their assignments.

To best serve and connect with IPS students, officers attend trainings on restorative justice practices, implicate bias, racial equity and more. The department also works with local law enforcement agencies, as well as emergency services agencies as needed.

The mission of Indianapolis Public Schools Police Department/IPS PD is to conform to a set of guidelines that describes a level of performance and service to all its members and for the community which it serves and that supports both IPS’ vision and our own vision in a manner that strives to leave all with the highest sense of satisfaction. Members will assist school administrators in providing a safe educational and working environment. We do this by adding value to school safety and crime prevention initiatives, and by enforcing school policies, as well as criminal statutes. 

IPS officers are assigned to each middle and high school. We have three patrol shifts that respond to the needs of elementary schools, bus stop checks, community concerns and after hour intrusion alarms. 

Our officers also assist building staff by performing daily random metal detections. 

The department has its very own police dispatch center that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also have an investigations division that consist of three full time detectives. 

It is our intent to assist with keeping students safe as they work to succeed educationally, while also striving to ensure all staff members and visitors feel welcome and safe. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact me. 

Tonia Guynn
Chief of Police
Indianapolis Public Schools 

Contact Information


  • All Officers are required to successfully complete Tier 1 of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.
  • Offers are provided mandated yearly training.
  • Officers serve as school resource officers reporting to IPS PD and in support of school level administration.
  • Officers and the department as a whole will work with other law enforcement agencies and emergency service agencies as needed.

Benefits Include:

  • Beginning salary of $52,452
  • Differential pay based off of experience and/or ILEA certifications
  • Regular Monday-Friday schedule
  • Medical, Dental and other insurance plans with no-cost health care for plan participants
  • Furnished uniforms and a yearly uniform allowance
  • Furnished equipment
  • Paid departmental overtime and compensatory time accrual
  • Off-duty employment permitted
  • Free Employee Assistance Program for employee and dependents
  • ILEA preferred but not required