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A District With Momentum

Indianapolis Public Schools is a district dedicated to educational excellence for our students.

Our Rebuilding Stronger Plan is designed to improve upon the academic and fiscal responsibility momentum already happening throughout the district.

Did you know?
  • IPS is the largest school district in Indiana, serving about 31,000 in our IPS family of schools.
  • We are home to 53 elementary schools, 6 middle schools and 11 high schools.
  • IPS employs 3,205 teachers and staff.
  • We serve approximately 25,700 FREE meals per day to our students.
  • Our buses cover approximately 20,000 miles per school year.
  • We currently offer 36 specific school programs, including International Baccalaureate (CFI), dual-language immersion, Montessori, Reggio (Butler Lab), STEM, visual & performing arts and more.
  • We currently offer 48 special education and alternative education options for learners with special needs.

Promises Kept

IPS has kept the promises we made in the 2018 referendum by:

  • Improving teacher pay.
  • Managing our energy and transportation costs.
  • Selling surplus real estate when we’ve had the flexibility to do so.
  • Most important, improving student learning.

Since 2017, the average teacher compensation has increased by 22% – with the average teacher salary increasing from $58,133 to $70,826.

Making Every Dollar Count

Transportation Initiatives

  • $72 million cumulative savings since 2017:
    • fuel-efficient bus fleet.
    • routing optimization.
    • walk zones and opt-outs.
    • IndyGo partnership.

Facilities/Energy Management

  • $1 million cumulative savings since 2017 due to utilities monitoring.
  • $15 million cumulative savings since 2017 in custodial staffing cost.

System Modernization

  • Increasing automated systems.
  • Cultivating a service mindset.

Health Insurance & Wellness

  • Controlling costs while increasing access to quality providers.

Building on our Momentum

  • On the 2022 state assessment, IPS outperformed three neighboring townships in overall student outcomes.
  • Across every student subgroup – from students of color to English Language Learners (ELL) to students with disabilities – all student groups demonstrated growth on the state assessment.
  • Strong performance among school districts serving students of color: Out of the 61 corporations and charters across the state who have more than 50% enrollment of students of color, IPS ranked No. 3 in growth in English Language Arts and No. 6 in growth in Math since 2019.
  • Strong performance among large school districts: Out of the 34 corporations that have 7,500 students or more, IPS in-LEA ranked No. 1 in 3-year growth in ELA and Math. IPS was the ONLY corporation to improve upon pre-COVID performance in ELA. 
  • IPS students achieved a higher graduation rate in 2022 than in 2021. The graduation rate grew from 76% in 2021 to 80% in 2022.