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Investment Calculator

Your support of Indianapolis Public Schools and the students we serve is deeply appreciated. As we say at IPS, we are Stronger Together!

The IPS Administration and Board of School Commissioners would like to thank everyone who voted YES to our 2023 Capital Referendum!  

Funds from the capital referendum will be used to: 

  • Bring all IPS elementary and middle school buildings to “good” status within eight (8) years.
    • A facilities study shows that currently more than 30% of IPS buildings are rated in “poor” condition. The referendum will allow us to make our school buildings better for students and staff.
  • Give all middle school students access to practice fields and competition-level playing fields. 
    • Broad Ripple, Northwest, Arlington and Howe will have outstanding athletic facilities, comparable to other schools in the region.
  • Address the most significant facilities needs alongside programmatic renovations.
    • More than 20 schools are receiving an investment, including several innovation partners.
  • Ensure IPS students are learning in safe, warm and welcoming school buildings.

While the cost of the referendum will amount to a $3 monthly increase for the median homeowner, this amount will be different based on the cost of the assessed value of your home.

The Investment Calculator embedded below continues our commitment to being accessible and transparent in all of our actions. This will help you determine the investment cost for you and your family.

Thank you for your continued support of Indianapolis Public Schools.

Dr. Aleesia Johnson
Indianapolis Public Schools

Illustrative Impact of the Proposed 2023 IPS School Capital Referendum on Property Tax Bills

Assessed Value Inputs

Enter Gross Assessed Value1:
Is this a Homestead property?2
Yes   No

Please visit the Marion County Assessor's website to find the Gross Assessed Value for a specific property.

This will be located on the Property Record Card Or From your Annual Tax Statement from the County Treasurer, TABLE 1, Line 1a.

Calculated Tax Bill Impact from the Proposed School Capital Referenda with a Referendum Tax Rate Increase of $0.0661

Capital 4
Monthly Tax Liability Increase:
Annual Tax Liability Increase:


  1. Assessments are subject to annual changes in market conditions. The referenda liability will change in relation to changes in parcel gross assessed value over time.
  2. Homestead parcels are assumed to have homestead deductions, supplemental homestead deductions and mortgage deductions.
  3. Local property tax replacement credits are not applied to Referendum tax rates, per Indiana Code 6-3.6-5-6.
  4. The tax liability increase shown for the Capital Referendum reflects the difference between the Pay 2022 Capital Referendum rate of $0.1109, and the proposed ongoing capital referendum rate of $0.1770. As bonds are issued and repaid, in some years the tax liability may be less than this estimate.

Public Question Info Flyer

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