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A Community Investment

In December 2022, the Indianapolis Public Schools Board of School Commissioners unanimously approved a $410 million capital referendum, which will be placed on the May 2023 ballot.

For the median homeowner, this would amount to a $3 monthly increase above the current property-tax rate and would help the district fund facilities improvements and new construction as outlined in the district’s Rebuilding Stronger Plan.

On May 2, 2023, registered voters living in the IPS district will have the opportunity to vote on our capital referendum. If approved, IPS will be able to make the needed improvements and upgrades to our district’s elementary and middle schools.

The 2023 Capital Referendum will allow IPS to:

  • Bring all IPS elementary and middle school buildings to “good” status within eight (8) years.
    • A facilities study shows that currently more than 30% of IPS buildings are rated in “poor” condition. The referendum will allow us to make our school buildings better for students and staff.
  • Give all middle school students access to practice fields and competition-level playing fields. 
    • Broad Ripple, Northwest, Arlington and Howe will have outstanding athletic facilities, comparable to other schools in the region.
  • Address the most significant facilities needs alongside programmatic renovations.
    • More than 20 schools are receiving an investment, including several Innovation partners.
  • Ensure IPS students are learning in safe, warm and welcoming school buildings.

2023 Capital Referendum Fast Facts

$410 million

Overall cost of the 2023 capital referendum


Monthly increase for the median homeowner


Number of elementary and middle school buildings to receive upgrades, renovations


Number of years to get all elementary and middle schools to “good” condition; without the referendum, it would take 14 years.


Number of estimated jobs created for construction projects if the referendum passes.