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2023 Capital Referendum Updates

The Design Phase for these exciting projects has kicked off with enthusiasm, paving the way for a vibrant and promising future in Spring/Summer 2024:

We’re gearing up for some remarkable transformations across multiple educational institutions, all aimed at providing better facilities and experiences for our students. The Middle School Athletic Upgrades at Broad Ripple, Howe, Longfellow, Harshman, Arlington, and Northwest are set to bring a wave of enthusiasm to our athletic programs. Our commitment to excellence extends to schools like George Washington Carver School 87, Eliza Blaker School 55 (Butler Lab), Arlington Middle School (STEM), Northwest Middle School, and James W. Riley School 43 (Visual Performing Arts), where we are envisioning cutting-edge learning environments.

In this pivotal phase, we are actively engaging principals and school leadership in the design process. We are dedicated to fostering collaboration with families, community members, and experts, such as the Broad Ripple Little League at Eliza Blaker School 55 and the community members associated with James Whitcomb Riley School 43. Their insights are invaluable as we shape the future of these institutions.

As the calendar flips towards October 1, we’ll be setting the stage for design and planning meetings at additional schools. The journey continues with William Penn School 49, Washington Irving School 14 (Urban Act), Eleanor Skillen School 34, Carl Wilde School 79, Broad Ripple Middle School, Joyce Kilmer School 69 (Kendezi), George W. Julian School 57, and Thomas Carr Howe Middle School. Together, we’re creating spaces that inspire and empower our students.

But that’s not all. We’re making significant strides in improving the infrastructure across our schools. Our HVAC Building Automation Systems are getting a much-needed upgrade at thirty schools, with eighteen scheduled for completion by the end of this year and the remainder by September 2023. This will enhance air quality and comfort, making our schools even more conducive to learning.

Speaking of air quality, HVAC equipment upgrades are already underway or completed at various schools, including Brookside School 54, CFI 70, George Washington High School, Eleanor Skillen School 34, James Whitcomb Riley School 43, and Robert Lee Frost School 106. Our commitment to providing a comfortable and conducive environment for students and staff is unwavering.

The Arsenal Technical High School Treadwell Hall’s roof replacement is progressing smoothly, staying on budget and schedule. Additionally, interior LED lighting upgrades at Arsenal Technical High School, encompassing Morgan, Lone, Treadwell, and Stuart halls, are nearing completion, ensuring a bright and energy-efficient learning environment.

The countdown has begun for the Middle School Athletics upgrades, set to kick off in Spring 2024, promising an exciting start to the school year in 2024-25.

Investments in early education are equally important, and with a $3.4M investment, we’re bringing new programming to Howe through Early Leaning Indiana (ELI).

Telecom cabling upgrades are well underway at seven schools, including Arsenal Tech, with plans for six more to begin later this year, ensuring robust and reliable connectivity for modern education.

Finally, as part of the 2018 $52M referendum, Phase II of Safety & Security investments is already underway, reinforcing our commitment to creating safe and secure learning environments over the next two years.

Together, we are shaping the future of education, one project at a time, and we’re excited to witness the incredible transformations that lie ahead.